Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hi there!  My name is Erica and I’ve just created a new blog.  I'm going to write all kinds of stories, some will be true and others will be made up.  You might read about my latest vacation on this page or maybe just an adventure with Brock, my very strange brother – haha!

I've always wanted my very own blog!  Brock has a blog and my dad has a website and a blog too - now I have one!  This is where you can read the coolest stories on the internet… stay tuned!  

A Wonderful Christmas

Hello Everyone, it's Erica here!

Up very early!
How was your Christmas? I hope you had a wonderful holiday with you family, because I have just had the best Christmas ever!  Let me tell you about it…

I woke up at 6am and raced downstairs to the living room, that’s where we set up the Christmas tree.  I saw a whole bunch of presents under the tree and Brock was already awake.  Mom and Dad told me that Brock showed up in their room at 3:15am – let’s get serious, I’m not getting up that early EVER!  Mom and Dad came down next and we all opened our presents after they made coffee and chocolate croissants.  Here are a few things that Santa left for me:  an Easy-Bake oven (I’m very excited about that!), a drawing kit, some ChapStick in my stocking, candy, and more!  But the best part was that our entire family was together for the afternoon and dinner. 

It was so nice to have our entire family together! 

I really want to tell you about my new Easy-Bake oven.  I’ve wanted one for a long time. Dad told me I had to read all the instructions twice before I could start to bake with it. Then he read them too!  With all the paperwork complete, Dad and I could finally start baking. I decided to make red velvet cupcakes first.  First we got some spoons from the kitchen drawer, a bowl to mix with, and lots of sprinkles <- sprinkles are very important!  With everything organized, we started mixing up our first batch of cupcakes.  Next, I sprayed my tray with a little non-stick stuff from Mom’s cupboard and began to pour the mix into the cupcake holes.  Dad told me that I had to keep my work area clean – it’s a good thing he hasn’t seen my room lately – haha.  Once that was done, I put the tray of batter into the Easy Bake oven for ten minutes to cook.  While we were waiting we cleaned up our area (again!) and prepared the icing and sprinkles (I love sprinkles!!).  There is a cooling chamber that you need to slide cupcake tray into when they are finish baking.  We left them there for six minutes after which I started to apply the pink frosting and sprinkles.   Then, we stared at them for a while before Dad said “Now what?”   Of course I said what any good baker would say… DIG IN!

Chef Gibbies and her Red Velvet Cakes